This site focusses mainly on sharing the nectar that is Saiva Siddhantham and to make it available to other truth seekers. This site is predominantly oriented towards non-Tamizh speakers.

These are understandings, experiences and explanations from reading and listening to various scriptures and discourses. I have tried to explain in the simplest terms possible without using too many complex Tamizh words and jargons. They are not only difficult to translate without losing the meaning but also the feeling which goes hand in hand with these divine hymns.

Much of the content on the net is written by Non-Indians who are looking at it from an outsider perspective. Also, almost all focus on the Sanskrit or the north Indian viewpoint of the subject. It is either that they have no knowledge about the southern traditions which differ enormously or ignored it completely. Tamizh is a classical language which is spoken in the southern state of Tamizh Nadu with a history dating thousands of years. Saivam has flourished and has its base in Tamizh Nadu. In fact, Siva’s son Lord Muruga (Kartikeya in Sanskrit) is the Patron God of the Tamizhs. He was the one who taught Tamizh to Sage Agasthiyar who then spread it across the southern regions.

The books that are available are more of a technical adaptation of Tamizh Saivite scriptures. The beauty of Tamizh lies in its word play. It is impossible to translate into any other language without losing its heart. This coming from someone whose can speak a few other languages including Hindi fluently but cannot read or write Tamizh with the same fluency.

This is an ode not only to Saivam but also to the beauty of Tamizh and these two are intertwined and inseparable. The joy when listening to the beautifully constructed verses of the Tirumurais, Tirukural and other Saiva canon can only be experienced. And the experience and the message differ on the level of maturity of the listener. That much information is coded in various levels like inception. Each level has a different story.

This site does not talk give any guidance or anything of that sort and accepts no responsibility for the same. This site is not for those trying to make a point or prove/disprove anything. The debates and differences are not part of the content here and can easily be found elsewhere on the net.

This site is for those seekers who are willing to look within and question themselves. Simply put, check your ego at the door and walk in with a pure conscience and an open heart. If not, this is not the place for you. This site is meant to serve to point the way. To note that the content of this site will be updated without any prior notice.

Kindly forgive me for any mistakes in the content as I am as unripe a fruit as any other and I am doing my best to share what I know. The mistakes are due to my limited knowledge and understanding of the unbounded that is Siva. I have no qualifications except for what He confers on me and i am overwhelmed by His compassion that helps me to do this.

Nothing is done without His grace and everything is due to His Grace.

As we say in tamizh, all praise to Iraivan.

Aum Namaḥ Śivāya.