I use a Kindle E-reader since 2015 as its easier to highlight, take and refer notes not to mention the advantage of carrying my entire library wherever i go. I use a Nylon cover case to give the kindle, a hardbound book cover like feel.

You can also use the free mobile Amazon kindle app for Android, iOS, mac and pc to make eBook purchases as well as read them.

Timeless Indian Wisdom

Weaver’s Wisdom : Ancient Precepts for a Perfect Life, by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami ( Kindle )

Aathichoodi, by Saint Avvaiyar ( Kindle )

Tirumantiram : A Tamil Scriptural Classic, by Saint Tirumular ( Kindle )

A South Indian Journey, by Michael Wood ( Kindle )

An Introduction To The Vedas, by K.S.Srinivasacharya ( Kindle )

A Road Less Travelled, by Pradeep K.Chakravarthy ( Kindle )

Yoga’s Forgotten Foundation, By Satguru Subramuniyaswami ( Kindle )

Dancing with Siva, By Satguru Subramuniyaswami ( Kindle )

Living with Siva, By Satguru Subramuniyaswami ( Kindle )

Merging with Siva, By Satguru Subramuniyaswami ( Kindle )

Meykanda Sastras

  1. Sivagnana Bodham by Meykandar –12 sutras
  2. Sivagnana Siddhiar by Arulnandi Sivachariyar –729
  3. Irupa Irupakthu by Arulnandi Sivachariyar –20 verses
  4. Thiruvunthiyar by Thiruviyalur Uyya Vantha Thevanayanar –45
  5. Thirukalitruppadiyar by Thirukadavur Uyya Vantha Thevanayanar –100 venbas
  6. Unmai Vilakkam by Thiruvadhigai Manavasagamkadanthar –54 venbas
  7. Sivapragasam by Umapathi Sivam –100 viruthams
  8. Thiruvarutpayan by Umapathi Sivam –100 kural venbas
  9. Vina Venba by Umapathi Sivam –13 venbas
  10. Potrip pakkrodai by Umapathi Sivam –190 lines
  11. Kodikkavi by Umapathi Sivam –4
  12. Nenju Vidu Thootu by Umapathi Sivam –129 double lines
  13. Unmai Neri Vilakkam by Umapathi Sivam –6 verses
  14. Sankalpa Nirakaranam by Umapathi Sivam –61 lines